My husband had been snoring loudly for years which meant that my sleep was often interrupted as well. He finally was tested for Sleep Apnea and was given a CPAP machine. Like many others, he had a difficult time adjusting to the mask and used it for about a year. During his regular checkup, Dr. Bailey told him about the Somnomed custom appliance for Sleep Apnea. After struggling for several more frustrating months he decided to proceed with the purchase of the appliance. After review, our insurance covered about half of the cost. His experience has been very positive and so has mine. He wears the appliance most nights and it works really well for him. No more machines, hoses, cables or blinking lights and he can easily travel with it. Best of all, no more snoring! Based on our experience I think anyone with Sleep Apnea should see if this appliance is for them.

Sherri Moss

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